"Historic New Orleans Walking Tours is the place to go for authenticity rather than sensationalism."
- Frommer's New Orleans, 1999.

"The best tour is conducted by historian Robert Florence..."
- The Boston Globe, April 12, 1999.

"Voodoo oriented tours abound in New Orleans, but the one led by writer and former Jean Lafitte National Park ranger Robert Florence emphasizes the practice's traditional heritage and history, rather than myths and tall tales."
- Access Guide, New Orleans, 1997.

"Among the high-camp, overpriced and the plain silly, there are nonetheless a few tours worth joining: Historic New Orleans Walking Tours offers professional, fascinating insights…"
- Rough Guide USA, 1998.

"If cemetery expert and writer Robert Florence isn't leading this Garden District Tour, then one of his very knowledgeable associates will be. The Garden District Tour hits all the highlights including architecture, celebrities homes and a tour of Lafayette Cemetery #1."
- Time Out Guide, New Orleans, 1998.

"For an entertaining, fast-talking tour of St. Louis #1, one of New Orleans' most illustrious and historic cemeteries, contact Historic New Orleans Walking Tours and ask for proprietor Robert Florence. He has literally written the book on the topic, and really makes it, er, come alive."
- Travel Holiday Magazine, February 1999.

"Of the many voodoo tours available, voodoo proponents most highly regard the no-hype cemetery and voodoo history tour sponsored by Historic New Orleans Walking Tours."
- Lonely Planet, Deep South, 1998.

"The two hour Cemetery and Voodoo History Tour is a fun and creditable ramble led by Robert Florence, a former ranger for Jean Lafitte National Park, or one of the accredited guides from his staff."
- Romantic Day and Nights in New Orleans, 1998.


"Why did anyone build a city here at all, below sea level in a malarial swamp infested with snakes and alligators? To control the river and to trade on it. At first it grew like topsy; by 1840 it was the fourth biggest city in the States. In its humid, fever-ridden, isolation, it was also by some margin the most exotic. With its mix of Creole, Cajun, Caribbean, African, Irish, Italian, German, Jewish, and everyone else you can think of, it was mutating into something unique in the world.

A good slice of that special weirdness can be had on the cemetery tours led by a hugely entertaining and credibly skeptical guide, Robert Florence. Beyond the macabre matter of why the dead are buried above the ground (when they buried people underground, every time the swamp flooded it washed bodies down the street), Florence describes New Orleans as a town where the "voodoo priestess, pirates, riverboat gamblers, thieving politicians, Storyville pimps and prostitutes define history" - so history's not always too exact.

"I know, for example, of six places in this city where Jean Lafitte is buried. He's also buried in Illinois, Charleston, Tampa, Galveston, Paris, two places in the Yucatan peninsula, and in a town about twenty miles south of here called Lafitte, next to Napoleon Bonaparte and John Paul Jones"

- Pete Davies, The London Daily Telegraph, August 1, 1998. 

Dear Mr. Florence,
Thank you for the wonderful work that you do on behalf of the city of  New Orleans and the state of Louisiana.

I am very pleased to hear the positive role you are playing in the promotion of cultural tourism in New Orleans.

The museum exhibit sounds fascinating. Best wishes for the holiday season and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Kathleen Babineaux Blanco
State of Louisiana Lieutenant Governor.
June, 1999

The Savoy-Doucet Cajun Band.

The Savoy-Doucet Cajun Band
Left to right: Michael Doucet, Marc Savoy, Ann Savoy. 

Savoy-Doucet Cajun Band - Ann Savoy

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