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St. Louis Cemetery #2 was established in 1823 as an extension of the overcrowded St. Louis Cemetery #1, two thousand feet outside the city limits due to fear of contagion. Its three squares tell a myriad of remarkable stories, starting in Square #1 with the Frenchman Claude Treme, who married manumitted slave Julie Moro, owner of the former plantation land which the couple would subdivide into residential plots to create the legendary New Orleans neighborhood.

Inside the Square One wall vault rests French architect Jacques Nicolas Bussière de Pouilly, who single-handedly determined the aesthetic scheme of New Orleans cemeteries by introducing revivalist architectural styles he sketched in Parisian cemeteries. Though he designed several major New Orleans edifices and staggering tombs, he himself is buried in a humble vault.

Tomb of legendary drummer Barbarin and his wife Odelia, along with Paul’s nephew and wife, storied jazz couple Danny and Blue Lu Barker. The Barkers left New Orleans for New York in 1930 where Danny played with everyone from Cab Calloway to Billie Holiday and Charlie Parker. He returned to New Orleans in 1964 and revived the brass band tradition. (Robert Florence of Historic New Orleans Tours was an honorary pallbearer at both their funerals.)