A wonderful tour full of facts and history!
“When we were planning our trip to New Orleans, I knew that I really wanted to learn about voodoo and see the cemeteries. However, having had bad “ghost” tours given by other people in other places in the past, I wanted to pick something that would be sure to actually teach me something and not just try to tell bad, Hollywoodized versions of voodoo stories. These tours were recommended by our guidebook, and they were definitely right on the money. We were so glad that we went! The tour guide obviously knew his stuff, and he was personable and a good speaker, also. As another reviewer said, this was no cheesy tour, but a really interesting and informative experience. I have already recommended the tour to my parents, and I would recommend it to anyone going to New Orleans and interested in learning about the religious history of the area.
– Meghann42, Minneapolis, Minnesota