Dixie beer announces new name to honor New Orleans roots, rather than tie to Confederacy

Months after New Orleans’ oldest operating brewer announced that it would change its name amid renewed conversations about racism, Dixie announced Wednesday that it will now go by Faubourg Brewing Co.

Majority owner Gayle Benson, who also owns the New Orleans Saints and Pelicans, said the name, a French word loosely translated to “suburb,” “is a tribute to the diverse neighborhoods of New Orleans.”

“When my husband and I acquired the majority interest in Dixie Beer in 2016, we recognized that we were investing in more than a brewery, we were investing in a strong and resilient community,” she said in a statement.

Dixie Beer was founded in 1907.
Dixie Beer was founded in 1907. (Gerald Herbert/AP)

“When the team embarked upon this journey in June, we understood that our new name must encompass the spirit and diversity of all of New Orleans unique neighborhoods. The Faubourg Brewing Company is a celebration of our city, our people, and our commitment to New Orleans. Our investments in New Orleans East will continue, and bringing jobs and economic opportunity to our community will remain at the forefront.”


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The brewing company, founded in 1907, announced in June that it would “retire” the name Dixie in response to “very productive conversations with leaders of our Black and Brown communities.”

More than 5,400 suggestions were submitted online last month, and Faubourg was selected.


“Our products have always brought people together, and we believe, like so many others, that ‘Faubourg’ is a unifying name that celebrates every corner of New Orleans,” general manager Jim Birch said in a statement.

New Orleans-based brewery is rebranding as the Faubourg Brewing Company.
New Orleans-based brewery is rebranding as the Faubourg Brewing Company.

“Our beer has been served in this city’s neighborhood bars and markets since 1907 and we look forward to the next 100 years. We’re grateful for the incredible participation from the public and it’s our pleasure to share this new name with everyone now.”

The new name and logo will be rolled out in early 2021, according to the company; products will continue to be sold under the Dixie brand until then.

Following similar criticism about glorifying the Confederacy, the Civil War and secession, the Dixie Chicks recently rebranded as The Chicks, while Lady Antebellum is now going by just Lady A.