Impressed with the tour

Impressed with the tour
“i signed up for the tour after reading reviews for other tours and the travel guide book frommers advised that this one is the only tour they can vouch for, and that the haunted tour was based on fact, not sensationalist stories. Since I didn’t want to go on one of those tours that were going to make me go to bars so the guide can get a kickback..I chose this one.
I went on the haunted tour with Karen as the guide, and let me tell you, it was the best 20 dollars ever spent. I expected to hear some fun ghost stories and see some sights of new orleans but i got WAY more than that.
We start off in the bourbon orleans hotel and the guide asked us to walk around and see how we feel. My friend felt dizzy and bc of that took some pictures of windows and asked me to as well. In one window I felt chest pressure but attributed it to the drink I had earlier (though, i never feel chest pressure bc of a drink) Another girl later said she felt the same thing , near the window where I felt it. So perhaps that was something. My friend and I went on the balcony and promptly felt very strange, like something was in our heads. It felt cloudy. As soon as I got back into the ballroom, I felt fine again. She still felt dizzy. The next day we looked over our pictures and were extremely shocked to find not 1 but 3 pictures with images of spirits. I don’t mean a mist or orbs. I mean actual faces that you can see. I was not expecting to have any contact nor ever have had any contact and never thought i was particularly sensitive to the supernatural, and so I was truly surprised that I felt something discernable and strange, as well as being able to capture images with a regular digital camera, too .
Don’t go to it expecting to see or feel anything but I guess the point is, if it can happen to someone like me, it might happen to you too! Either way, it was a fascinating tour if you enjoy true ghost stories.”
– Ellen P, NYC5