Thank you to our guide
“We took the French quarter tour with Dave Roberts and really enjoyed it. He is passionate and interesting, a pleasure to listen to. When we showed a special interest for jazz at the end of the tour, he did not think twice about spending extra time with us and went above and beyond what you would expect from a Tour Guide. He loves his city and makes us love it in return. So Dave, thanks for the explanations on the French quarter but also Treme and all the great advice on places to listen to good music.
We visited New Orleans during the Satchmo Festival, it was such a treat. If you have never been to New Orleans, you have to go once in your life. It was much better than we expected. It felt as safe as any other American city, of course like in any American city there are neighbourhoods (outside the areas of interest) to avoid I guess, we just didn’t go there and did not feel vulnerable or exposed to any danger.”
– Nigella78, Dublin, Ireland