Tour guide went above and beyond…

“The tour is a group tour, but no one else booked the tour, so I ended up with a personal tour of Lafayette No 1 and the Garden District. My guide was very knowledgeable and did a great job of customizing the tour when he found out I was an Anne Rice fan (apparently he used to be one of the guides for the official Anne Rice tours!) We had a bit of a downpour near the end of the tour, but it was still a great time! When we returned to the Garden District Book Store, the guide made sure I had the chance to look through their Anne Rice scrapbook while drying off (she’s done some book releases there), so that was really neat as well. As I was taking leave of him, he asked if I wanted to go down to the churches (St Alphonsus and St Mary’s) since I was such an Anne Rice fan. I ended up going and I was not disappointed! I’ve heard negative things about travelling to the Irish Channel solo, so it wasn’t on my itinerary, but I’m so glad I got to see it. I would definitely recommend the tour and particularly the guide I had (I can’t recall his name >.<) especially for the Anne Rice fans out there!”

– redheadedwonder11, Calgary, Canada